Wednesday, May 29, 2013

MAC: Beauty Line Between Love & Hate

Yes! I love & hate MAC... (Believe it or not)
 Just because a product cost more and it's more expensive -- doesn't mean it works. I'll share the products I love and hate from MAC. Plus, I'll explain my experiences and my opinions.

Many beauty guru's and makeup artist make the mistake of buying higher end products and thinking it would be fabulous... Don't believe the HYPE!

Oh how I love...

MAC Studio Moisture Cream
Officially, my face does not have to suffer during winter time. It is so hydrating and never leaves the skin feeling oily or dry. Oh my goodness! The feeling I get when putting this on.... indescribable. I was so sad when I ran out! Great product for combination skin.

MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil - Engraved

I was afraid of buying this eye pencil because lets just say I was so addicted to Maybelline's Define-A-Line Eyeliner. However, just like many liners it smudges and runs. So, I was convinced to buy MAC's Engraved... Immediately, I fell in love. It is perfect for my waterline!

MAC Lip Prep & Prime
Do you get chapped lips? Do your lips feather when you wear lipstick? Well, guess what? My lips do too! I was introduced to this product by a friend and it saved my lips from looking rough after wearing matte lipsticks for awhile. Who was the genius behind this? I Love It.

Oh how I absolutely HATE these products...

MAC - Lustre Drops

What a TERRIBLE bronzer! It smears, doesn't stay put, gets all over your clothing like there's no tomorrow! YUCK!

Studio Finish Concealer

I use to love this concealer, until I realized how CAKEY this product was on my face. It is absolutely too much. Perhaps this is just to cover spot blemishes? Not sure. I don't recommend.

MAC Feline Kohl Power Eye Pencil
OMG! This product was lovely when putting it on. Amazing kohl power... but it is so messy. I hate that I love this pencil to the point where I cannot wear it. After putting it on it gets all over the place on my eyelid and under my eye. I never had this problem with any eyeliner ever.

My Photo Of The Month

A lady should be able to enhance her features, feel flawless, and smile like the beauty she is.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How To Apply Eye Makeup

*Read below the steps listed and you will find more information about materials needed, along with finding the different areas of your eye, and other things to remember*

Step 1: Apply the eye shadow base or primer all over the eye area (ECB) using your concealer brush or your finger.

Step 2: Use a flat eye shadow brush, an eye shadow color of your choice, and apply the eye shadow to your eyelid area.

Step 3: Use a small flat eye shadow brush, a highlighting eye shadow color, and apply it to your brow bone.

Step 4: Use a blending brush and apply the preferred eye shadow color into the crease. (Use the windshield wiping motion)

(Use a clean blending brush in a windshield wiping motion or sweeping upward motion. Blend away any harsh lines from the eye shadows)

Step 5: In small short strokes across the eyelid apply your eyeliner gently to control how thick, thin, long, or short you want the eyeliner

*Hold down your water line (below the eyeball) with your finger to apply your eyeliner or you can apply it outside of the water liner. (located with your bottom eyelashes)*

Step 6: Apply mascara to the eyelashes. Start from the tip of the eyelashes going in towards the eye. (outward to inward motion)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Beauty On A Budget

On a budget? Need to find a dupe for your favorite brands of makeup?  I know, I know! I know how expensive makeup products can be. So I've decided to list a few of the CHEAP DUPES that are fabulous! I'll list a few of my absolute favorites when I'm on a budget. I'll share my review, include the pros and cons, plus share the link where you can purchase these wonderful products. Don't worry!! I've tried all these products and before you even think about it... No, I don't work for any of these companies.

Maybelline Superstay 24HR
I love that this foundation goes flawless when I put it on. It gives me the full coverage that I need. ONLY $9.99 at Ulta

- Medium to full coverage
- Natural finish
- Long lasting
- Variety of shades

- Does transfer
- Dry patches

NYX HD Concealer Wands
Typically, I love that this will give you the exact coverage you need when covering those trouble areas without looking cakey! BINGO! $5.00 at NYX

- Lightweight
- Medium to heavy coverage
- No creasing

- Less variety of shades

Wet N Wild MegaLast Lipstick

What great lipstick! I love all the colors and the variety! I own them all. AMAZING $1.99 at Drugstore

- Highly pigmented
- True color
- Matte finish
- Variety of colors

- Sometimes drying

I know that it is so hard to come by really good foundations, concealers, and lipsticks. Let me know if you used any of these products or what your experiences are with them.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Beauty Bag Must Haves?

Granted I usually do my makeup everyday and I don't like to carry a ton of products with me. My beauty bag is full of 5 products that will keep my makeup FRESH and LASTING all day long. How simple is that?

1. Baby Lips - Quenched Lip Balm

Oh my goodness! I think that I have the worst chapped lips that you can think of! However, one day I was just walking into Walmart, found this cute packaging of this lip balm, and it has worked wonders for me since then. Not only does it make my lip feel amazing, it has SPF 20! A product that will protect your lips from that harsh sun!

2. Oil Absorb Sheets

Oily T-ZONE? Hot summer day? Oil Absorbing Sheets are absolutely perfect! You can get rid of the oily face and not destroy your makeup! How perfect is that?

3. Eyeliner

I am HUGE fan of wearing Gel Eyeliner! However, I will not carry around a gel pot and an angled brush if it isn't needed. I will simply take the closest eyeliner pencil with me just in case my eyeliner wears off my waterline or wears off.

This is a NO BRAINER! Makeup will smudge, run, (eyeliner, mascara, etc) and it will crease (concealer)! So the brilliant thing about q-tips is that you can carry a few in a bag and these will fix your makeup that you need it to fix, rather than using harsh paper towel, or using your fingers and getting them dirty.

5. Eyelash Glue
Well most certainly Lash Grip! I'm a suspect of wearing eyelashes on the regular basis. Usually, they will come off in the corners after having a long day. I may cry here and there. However, having my glue in my bag will definitely allow me to fix my eyelashes in less than 3 minutes. Quick, small, easy, and portable!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Top 5 Makeup Don'ts

1. Don't wear foundation brighter than the skin tone.
Foundation should match your face and neck as much as possible to compliment the rest of the body skin tone.

2. Don't apply makeup without SKIN CARE
It is very important to take care of the skin, especially to prevent health problems. Never miss this step.

3. Don't wear concealer that is entirely too bright for the skin tone.
Concealer should be one or two shades brighter than the foundation. It is made to cover up those problem areas and dark circles, why create white circles?

4.  Don't overload on the makeup that isn't needed.
Unless your putting on a clown face for the carnival, it takes away from the beauty, and glow. Be careful of the cake face.

5. Don't CLUMP the mascara
Oh how this will become messy, sloppy, and runny. Using mascara is to show off the eyelashes not to stick them and have them clump together as if the eyes only have 4 big eyelashes.

Avoid these mistakes! Use makeup to be glamorous and flawless!

Monday, May 20, 2013

No Makeup Challenge

Hello Beauties!
  I have recently did the no makeup challenge for a week. Considering that I didn't wear any makeup for a week, I dedicated my time to deep cleansing my brushes, and devoting my time to my skin regimen. I went 7 whole days without any makeup WHAT SO EVER.

  I did notice that I was having a slight break out and I wasn't sure where it was coming from, so my skin definitely needed a break. Here I am going to list the products I have been using all week and will continue to use because it is working for my skin. If you decide that you would like to use this regimen please understand that your skin always gets worst before getting better. (This is with any regimen I believe, unless you know a miracle worker. ^_^)

Here are my steps that I use. 

I personally exfoliate before washing my face with a face cleansers.
Ambi Even & Clear Exfoliating Wash
(I only use this twice a week and when I don't use this, I typically skip step 1)

Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser (For All Skin Types)This is personally my favorite cleanser because I do have combination skin so I don't really see it drying out my face or causing any irritation.

Cetaphil Facial Moisturizer
OMG! How important is it to moisturize. I'm typically oily in my t-zone like most people and I don't really see this being effective for it. However, it is a great addition to my regimen with adding a small amount. Plus it has SPF, very important protection.

So far these 3 simple products are added to my regimen. My breakout is down to the minimum and I am back to wearing my makeup! If you are going to try this please let me know how it works for you. ^.^

How To Look Natural & Flawless Using Makeup

The aspect of flawless natural makeup is to look like your not wearing any at all. Here is an example of one that I have done to give you an idea. I also added in eye-liner with a soft pink lipgloss.

                                    (Photo taken by King Bishop Productions)

 First, moisturize and prime your face. This will help with hydrating the skin and covering up those pores. Next, add concealer to any scars, blemishes, dark circles, or acne you don't want to show through your makeup. Then, add on your foundation. I suggest using a foundation (liquid) with a stippling brush to give you an airbrush finish or a powder foundation using a powder brush. Last, you want to add a soft color blush, a little highlight to give you a glow.

There you have a beautiful flawless natural look!

Photoshoot w/ King Bishop Productions

Yesterday I did a photoshoot with King Bishop Productions. Bishop is an incredible photographer. Before going into the photoshoot we decided to do multiple looks from Natural to Bombshell, Pin Up to Barbie, and a ton of glamorous looks. We executed exactly what wanted to do. We had a great time on set doing exactly what we love doing.

Daily Face Routine

I just thought about trying out this new video software. Turns out that it wasn't really my cup of tea. However, I did show my daily face routine. Enjoy!

Makeup Trail: Chantelle Rhodes

Working with Model: Chantelle Rhodes

Makeup Trail: Amanda Ego

Today I went out early this morning to do a test beauty look on a model. Here is the outcome.

Photoready Primer

I have bought numerous primers just to see what works and what doesn't work. For my face I have tried all kinds of primers from NYX to Smashbox but the one that works the best is: Revlon Photoready Primer. This primer consist of the right consistency I'm always looking for and it goes on to my face smoothly. AMAZING! I can guarantee that if you add a bit of this to your daily makeup face routine, you will absolutely enjoy this! Not only will it help cover up those pores but it will allow your makeup to go on flawlessly.