Monday, August 19, 2013


 I have to update this post. I strongly dislike Thumbtack. Granted a lot of customers do go on their looking for services. However, it is very irritating to pay Thumbtack $3.33 every time a customer wants to receive a quote on your services. I can get up to 20 request in that week and that means I paid $66.6 to Thumbtack. In which the customer can decide if they want to use you or not... just because as the artist you pay, that doesn't guarantee your job. It is a great way to rip off people who are photographers, makeup artist, stylist, etc.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Truth About Expensive & Inexpensive Makeup

I love makeup. I love cheap and expensive makeup.

Truth is, it isn't necessary to always spend a ton of money on certain products or brands.
(E.g Products made by certain brands are expensive because they make higher end quality products. However, expecting a brand to make every single product just as fabulous as another is a gullible idea.)

Truth is, sometimes you'll get what you pay for. 
(E.g Buying a $1.00 eye-liner and expecting it not to smudge or to stay on all day is being dramatic. Isn't it worth to spend a few more dollars to find something that will be beneficial to your liking?)

Truth is, sometimes you'll pay a load of money for the "Brand" name. 
(E.g Buying a foundation that is $50.00 may work excellent or not at all. It may not be right for you after a period of time but your skin combination may change, it may break you out, or it doesn't do what the product says its going to do. Was it worth spending all that money?)

There are plenty of inexpensive makeup products that work just as great or even better than some expensive products.

Eve Pearl
Bobbi Brown
BH Cosmetics
Wet N Wild
Pur Minerals
Bare Minerals

I just listed "Brands" that are expensive and inexpensive (Drugstore & Higher End). Each of them are known for something. However, each brand make great products. It's all about finding & investing the time in researching products and finding out what works best for you.