Saturday, February 22, 2014

Color Correcting Dark Spots, Dark Circles, & Problem Areas

Hi Beauties,

This blog is specifically about covering dark spots, dark circles, and darkness around the mouth area. I will discuss how you can do this with different skin complexions. Most times as beauties, we cannot find foundation or concealer to cover up these flaws.

What you can do to fix these trouble areas is by using a corrector or a neutralize shade. 

How do I know this? Simple, if you look at the color wheel... 

You can see green is across from red - Using a green corrector, neutralizes redness
You can see orange is across from blue - Using a orange corrector, neutralizes dark discoloration
You can see yellow is across from purple - Using a yellow corrector, concealers purple undertones

When you apply a corrector onto your problem areas, you can neutralize any discoloration.

For fair/pale shades, you can use a soft orange or light peach color corrector for dark circle or dark spots.
For medium and darker complexions, you can use a deep peach or deep orange to neutralize the blue or dark discoloration.

I know that sounds a bit crazy, however, you can apply the corrector with a sponge onto the problem area, then apply your regular full makeup application.

I also highly recommend using the Revlon PhotoReady Color Correcting Primer, next apply the color corrector, and then your foundation.

Where can you find color corrector shades? (I'll list a few places where you can purchase different types for different skin complexion)

Camera Ready Cosmetics

Camera Ready Cosmetics 

Camera Ready Cosmetics